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This series saw the return of the notorious master con man Mickey Bricks (Adrian Lester), accompanied by his long-standing accomplices, veteran roper Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn), and quick fix extraordinaire ‘Three Socks’ Morgan (Robert Glenister). Also returned were sister and brother duo, Sean and Emma Kennedy (Kelly Adams, Holby City and Matt Di Angelo, EastEnders). Who after being tutored in the art of the con, are now fully fledged members of this outstanding group of grifters. This series followed the Hustle teams efforts, to liberate more greedy fat cats from their ill gotten gains. While Sean and Emma continue to learn about the substantial risks and rewards, the life of a grifter provides.

Characters & Actors

Danny Blue (Marc Warren) The Inside Man

Danny used to be a short-con artist who excelled at card tricks and pick-pocketing. He always dreamt of leading his own crew, calling the shots, making the decisions. Often impulsive, occasionally over-eager, Danny had to learn to be patient before he could become skilled in the ways of the long con. A natural charmer, with the gift of the gab, he can talk himself out of most situations and likes to think he's a ladies man! His method of grifting isn't always the most prepared - and he's yet to master the art of the Plan B - but his imagination and willpower often bring flashes of genius that save the day.

Billy Bond (Ashley Walters)

The Rookie

The latest arrival to the group, Billy introduces himself as "a work of art, a force of nature" who can "separate a mark from his money quicker than any man alive"'. A criminal delinquent in his youth, Billy spent most of his formative years in and out of foster homes. He feels a sense of injustice about the world and it's time for him to fight back. Billy's a big fan of Danny Blue and seeks him out to learn the tricks of the trade. He can see the beauty that exists in a perfectly executed con and has studied the art of the great con-men. He's got the spirit and energy to be a great grifter - now he wants the wisdom that comes with experience.

Stacie Monroe (Jaime Murray)

The Lure Stacie has a cool head on her shoulders and is rarely flustered. Sexy, smart and glamorous, she often uses her feminine charms to ensnare unsuspecting marks: playing the 'lure' while another gang member targets the male victim. Stacie also has the role of the group's 'banker', and is great at playing the inside when she needs to. Like all great con-artists, she's intuitive, versatile and can think on her feet. She has a real soft spot for Albert. Danny seems to make a habit of winding her up - and is often on the receiving end of a cutting put-down - but underneath, she loves all the team like family.

Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn)

The Roper Albert's the kind of gambler who's changed the course of his life on the toss of a coin. Before becoming a grifter, Albert used to be a shoe salesman in the American Mid-West. Legend has it, when his store was closed down and the staff lost their jobs, he conned the company out of sixty thousand dollars and shared it amongst his co-workers. For years he then worked the con in Las Vegas before fleeing to England in the 1970s. A veteran of the long con, and a respected grifter of the old-school generation, Albert's job in the team is to pick the right targets ("rope the mark") for his con colleagues.

Ash Morgan (Robert Glenister)

The Fixer Know as "Three socks Morgan" (from his first visit to the shower blocks during a spell in prison), whatever's needed, Ash will find it. Often enigmatic, he's the technical and practical brains of the operation. By nature, he's a problem solver. Ash does the initial groundwork for the scam and prepares of all props needed for the "big store." His classic con used to be The Flop: where he'd defraud insurance companies by stepping in front of cars, then getting a pre-existing fracture x-rayed: a fracture he actually got during a bar room brawl many years before!

Mickey Stone (Adrian Lester)

"He's in a class all his own. He's had every fraud office in the country jumping through hoops for twenty years but never been convicted."

Mickey's the former leader of the team, and master of the
long con.

Very ambitious, he's gone off to Australia to help pull off a major con, leaving his protégé Danny to stake his claim to lead the gang.

Held in high esteem. Described by the police as 'in a class of his own'. He's a prize catch for every fraud squad in the country!

Fiercely intelligent and a perfectionist.

But don't think he's not tough. Two years in prison for GBH on his wife's new boyfriend is unfortunately etched on his CV.

He has everything he could possibly want - apart from the woman he loves.
The rumour is that he and
Stacie were once involved.

He only targets the greedy, morally corrupt and those who thoroughly deserve it.

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