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Duran Duran

All You Need Is Now

added: 3 Jan 2011 // release date: 21 Dec 2010 // label: Tape Modern

reviewer: Charlotte Westwood

The news of an 80s band making a comeback album is something we have gotten very used to hearing over the past few years. Sadly a lot of these comebacks have only provided us with disappointing half-hearted attempts and false promises of being back on form.

It’s no surprise then, when it was announced that Duran Duran were planning to make a new album, that a few eyes were rolled, especially after their disappointing album attempt, Red Carpet Massacre in 2007. However, with Mark Ronson as producer, a glimmer of hope of bringing 80s music up to date was sparked.

All You Need Is Now opens with the recently released title track which was always going to run the risk of sounding dated, yet the infectious chorus and sheer energy throughout really contribute to it impacting the listener from the first time they hear it.

Although listening to the album you instantly get the sense that they are trying to go back in their minds to the glory days, it doesn’t come across that they are trying too hard. It just seems like they’re a bunch of unpretentious middle-aged men, just relaxing and having a good time in the studio, and it seems that Ronson has really helped bring the youthfulness out of them once more and project it entirely into their music.

The track Runaway Runaway is extremely reminiscent of 1982 album Rio, and is bound to provide a sense of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the band in their best form.

It seems that the only disappointing track on the album is Before The Rain, just simply due to it taking a long time to get going. This is almost redeemed by one of the most effective aspects of the album; the fact that they have kept it short and sweet with just nine tracks.

All in all, All You Need Is Now is a very admirable attempt at bringing 80s music back up to date, and with its nostalgic appeal and get-up-and-go attitude combined, is certainly an album to please both diehard fans and new fans alike. 

4 stars

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