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August 16, 2011

Album Review: Razika - 'Project 91'

Scandinavian dream-pop at it's best
Album Review: Razika - 'Project 91'

This Scandinavian teen female four-piece make dreamy alt-pop. So, everyone, hold tight, maybe even look away for a line. Or at least close your ears. I might as well mention the inevitable right now and get it out of the way – Those Dancing Days. Phew. That’s better.

Except, luckily for
Razika, ‘Project 91’ is more 2-Tone in vein than TDD. Tracks like ‘Taste My Dream’ and ‘Above All’ are lazy ska pop meets Riot Grrrl. So, it’s a bit like The Slits at Notting Hill Carnival. Add in lush single ‘Why Have We To Wait’ (a cover of a track by ’60s pop group The Pussycats) and it’s pretty perfect.

Ailbhe Malone

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